Hi again! I don’t really have a post-post for this week so I’m just going to phone it in with a recipe.

Ok that’s a lie. It’s not really even a recipe, I just want to brag about how delicious these turned out.

You only need two things. Cookies and ice cream. Pre-made cookie dough would be totally fine but I used Phoebe’s grandmother’s recipe. Plain vanilla ice cream. Blue Bell here because Texas.

Make the cookies slightly larger than regular. Cool like usual and then put in the freezer. I left mine overnight but that’s only because I forgot about them. Two or three hours is plenty.

Sit the ice cream out for 20 minutes or so to get pretty soft.

Scoop ice cream onto the bottom of one cookie, press another cookie on top of it. Wipe the edges clean. You gotta work fast cause this part gets messy.

Load them up four sandwiches to a Ziploc bag. Lay flat in the freezer. Enjoy!

These turned out so much better than I even imagined and I may or may not feel sick as I type this because I have no self control and just ate two. Even the Boy with next to no sweet tooth loves them. Hope you do too! 🍪

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